Frequently Asked Questions

What is Radiology PAC?

Radiology PAC is the Florida Radiological Society’s political action committee, a 501(c)(6) organization separated from the Florida Radiological Society structurally to preserve FRS’ tax-exempt status. Contributions are not tax-exempt.

How does Radiology PAC spend the money it receives from contributors like myself?

All individual contributions made by FRS members to Radiology PAC can be used for the purpose of making contributions to candidates running for State office or to State political parties.

How does Radiology PAC decide which campaigns to contribute money to?

Radiology PAC looks at several factors before making a decision on which campaigns to contribute to, including: the viability of their candidacy, the candidate’s professional background, their presence on committees of jurisdiction, their votes on various health-related legislation that impact Radiology PAC, and their level of leadership within their political party.

Will Radiology PAC support lawmakers who vote agains our interests?

This can happen.  Some lawmakers might be opposed to us on one issue, but be our most active proponents on another issue.  And of course, we always hope to be able to change their views or at least have the opportunity to present our positions on the issues before they vote.

How much money can Radiology PAC contribute to a campaign and how does this compare to how much I personally can give to a candidate’s campaign?

Effective November 1, 2013, the PC may contribute more money to candidates for legislative, local and statewide races.  Limits are the same for the FRS PC and personal or corporate contributions.  The new contribution limits, applicable to each separate election (the primary is separate from the general election) are as follows:

$3,000 to a candidate for statewide office which would include the following:  Governor, Chief Financial Officer, Attorney General,  Agricultural Commissioner and the Supreme Court Justices.

$1,000 to a candidate for retention as a judge of a district court of appeal; a candidate for legislative office(Senators and Representatives), a candidate of multi-county office; a candidate for countywide office or in any election conducted on less than a county wide basis; or a candidate for county court judge or circuit judge.

Contributions can be personal or corporate checks.  There are two opportunities to give if the candidate has General opposition– The Primary cycle and the Genera l cycle. 

How much money can I contribute to Radiology PAC?

Individual, corporate or group practice contributions to a Political Action Committee (PAC) such as Radiology PAC are unlimited. Contributions are voluntary and are not tax-deductible.


How can I contribute to Radiology PAC?

An individual has several options when deciding to contribute to Radiology PAC.  An individual could (1) write a personal check, (2) contribute with their Visa, MasterCard or American Express (3) sign up for a periodic contribution from their credit card on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis or (5) make a contribution at the FRS’ Annual Meeting in July. Contribution forms are available online at www.??? or by calling Radiology PAC at 1-813-806-1070.

Can Radiology PAC give money to Federal elected officials?


Can I request Radiology PAC to make a contribution to a candidate for State office?

Radiology PAC encourages members of the FRS to become actively engaged in the political process. Please contact Alison Dudley at (850) 556-6517 or via email at to discuss.

How do I find out more information about Radiology PAC?

You can contact the Florida Radiological Society’s lobbyist, Alison Dudley, at (850) 556-6517 or via email at You can also contact Steve Hunter or Beth Lewis at Educational Symposia at (813) 806-1070 or via email at