Residents Innovative Approach to PAC Contributions

Dear Florida Radiological Society Member,


In 2011 & 2012 combined, 35 residents from across the state of Florida donated a total of $1,645 as part of a resident-created and resident-driven initiative. In other words, residents have contributed 3% of the total PAC contributions during this time. The impetus for the program was simple: radiologists in Florida donated a relatively paltry amount to the state Political Action Committee (PAC) compared to other healthcare groups. Total resident contributions in 2010-2011 were a meager $10. Kurt Scherer, a University of Florida resident, in cooperation with a group of residents representing most of Florida’s Radiology training programs, knew that residents could do more. Inspired by Disney’s success in selling annual passes in monthly installments, his plan involved requesting each Radiology resident in Florida to donate a nominal amount of $5 per month. Some gave more or less, as they could afford, but a significant percentage of the residents participated. In sum, 20% of all Florida residents contributed. As word of the initiative spreads, we expect the percentage to increase.


The success of the donation program thus far is due to a number of factors. First, the core group of residents met with both national and state politicians. They were able to vividly demonstrate to other residents how important a well-funded PAC is for having a voice in politics. Second, the support provided by both private and academic radiologists galvanized the residents to actively participate. One of the goals of the program has been to seek matching funds from practicing radiologists. Knowing their contribution could be multiplied garnered additional resident donations.


Please consider making a matching contribution. Doing so will help energize and continue the resident interest and participation, not only in this initiative, but in the political process itself.


You can make a contribution online at mail payment to:


Florida Radiological Society

5620 W. Sligh Ave

Tampa, FL 33634-4490



Thank you,


The Florida Radiological Society Resident and Fellows Section, including:

Michael Francavilla (Mount Sinai Miami Beach, President)

Kurt Scherer (University of Florida, Treasurer)

Tate Grednitzer (University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital, Vice-President)

Ainel Boonprakong (Mayo Clinic Jacksonville)

Daisha Hayden (Mount Sinai Miami Beach, Secretary)

Christopher Gaffney (University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital, Communications)

Matthew Harris (University of Florida)

Chris Francis (University of South Florida)