February 14, 2024

February Legislative Update

Legislative Update 
It is February and we are at the halfway mark for the Legislative Session.

Senate President Passidomo’s “Live Healthy“ legislation, sponsored by Chairman Colleen Burton, has passed the Senate and is in message to the House – SB 7016. The House will be taking the companion measure up, sponsored by Leader Mike Grant, in House Health Care Appropriations this week, HB 1549. The bills are not identical, and I anticipate some amendments on the bills. The biggest difference is in the price tag on what will be spent on the initiative.

The House and Senate will be passing their respective budgets off the floor this week in order to get into position to negotiate the budget. The above measure is a large part of the dialogue.

Senator Berman’s, SB 932, and Representative Woodson’s, HB 773, were both up this week. These bills seek to prohibit health insurance plans from charging out of pocket costs for medically necessary diagnostic supplements exams. The bills now apply only to state insurance plans. This legislation has been brought to Florida by the Koman organization. Dr. Maimone and the FRS Breast Imaging committee have been working very hard on this and have been tremendously helpful.

The horribly titled “Free kill” bill has been moving through the process-SB 248, by Sen Yarborough. It repeals state statute that prohibits adult children and parents of adult children from collecting medical negligence “non-economic damages”. It also places $500,000 caps on non-economic damages for doctors and $750,000 for hospitals and ER’s. It is still too early to determine how this issue will end.

FRS President, Dr. Laura Vallow and FRS residents – Dr. Cyrus Washington and Dr. Adam Shir will be visiting the Capitol this week.

It has been a very busy session.  Unfortunately, a lot of people getting ill with Covid, Flu, RSV, and other assorted ills. Covid is in the House and has spread through the entire House Healthcare staff and several members and has added to the challenge of working in the building.

Please all stay healthy and be well.

Alison Dudley
Lobbyist, FRS

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