August 11, 2021

August 2021
Legislative Update

Legislative Update

It was wonderful to see folks in person at the summer board meeting. The pandemic has definitely made it more challenging to gather together.

During the meeting we discussed the fact that scope expansion issues will continue to be an issue before the legislature which starts in January this year ending in March. The committee process will kick off the third week in September.

It is a reapportionment session and the process of drawing the legislative districts is getting off to a slow start due to the census information being delayed.  This means that all the House and Senate members will be up for election in newly drawn districts. Also, the Governor, Cabinet officers, and one US Senator (Rubio) will be on the ballot.

Florida will be gaining an additional Congressional seat In the central Florida region.

Any help by donating to the FRS PAC would be greatly appreciated.

Alison Dudley
Lobbyist, FRS

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