November 11, 2020

November 2020
Legislative Update

Legislative Update

Tuesday November 3rd is Election Day, and I hope everyone had a chance to exercise their right to vote.  Hopefully, the election will go smoothly and election results will be known quickly.

Florida’s Organizational Session has been set for Tuesday November 17th. This is when all newly elected members are sworn into their respective bodies. Also the Senate President elect, Wilton Simpson will be officially voted in as President of the Senate. In the House, Speaker elect Chris Sprowls be officially elected as Speaker. The Capitol is still closed to the public and the protocol on how the public will be allowed in the building is still being worked on due to Covid. Early indications are the public will not be allowed in the Capitol for the Organizational session.

To date, no legislation has been filed. There has been quite a bit of discussion behind the scenes of introducing legislation to provide tort protection from Covid suits.

I hope everyone is staying safe and well!

Alison Dudley
Lobbyist, FRS

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