October 11, 2023

October Legislative Update

Legislative Update 

The Republican caucus met on Monday, September 18th, and officially voted in Speaker designee Danny Perez, R, Miami, to lead the caucus and to be the next Speaker of the Florida House. Speaker Paul Renner, R, Jacksonville, is entering his last year as Speaker. They held a few committee meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday and then headed back out of town. The Senate did not meet at the Senate office building as it is still being renovated.  Asbestos is being removed and new windows are being installed.

The Senate is meeting the week of October 9th, but the House is staying home. The House and Senate will both host committee meetings the week of October 16th.

Session starts in January this year; so, it is quite a busy time with legislation being introduced.

The Legislators are in full fundraising mode as they work to fill their campaign coffers since they cannot fundraise while is Session.

Please support your FRS PAC to ensure the members who support us are able to get re-elected.
Alison Dudley
Lobbyist, FRS

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