August 9, 2023

August 2023 Legislative Update

Legislative Update

Thanks to everyone who attended the annual FRS conference in Sarasota. It was wonderful to see everyone.

Hopefully everyone is staying cool as Florida along with many places in the nation have hit record heat indexes. 

The Senate President recently made remarks on what she wants lawmakers to work on during the upcoming session that starts in January. She indicated she wants lawmakers to work on various measures aimed at attracting more health care providers to the state. When questioned she did not think expanding Medicaid was the answer.

Her counterpart, Speaker Paul Renner, recently said his focus for the upcoming session would also be on healthcare.

He wants to focus on medical-related issues as another way to lower the cost of living for Floridians.

The speaker’s agenda included price transparency of hospitals, especially as relates to a patient’s ability. He wants patients to have pricing available to compare providers. 

Session starts in January and as we all know too well; the devil is in the details.

Campaign season is underway and folks are actively fundraising. Time to make friends so please support your FRS PAC.


Alison Dudley
Lobbyist, FRS


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