June 9, 2022

June 2022 Legislative Update

The Legislature has just recently completed their second special session. The Special Session was called for May 23rd and ended May 27th. The special session agenda was called to pass legislation relating to property insurance reform. The leadership than added to the call condominium reform legislation.

They met on Tuesday the 24th and completed their business by Wednesday the 25th. They passed legislation on insurance property reform and another piece of legislation that contained a change to building code in order to aid in roof claim abuse, as well as, the post-Surfside condo inspection and reserve reforms. They let the call expire.  All were able to be home to enjoy Memorial Day in their districts.

Campaign season is well underway with qualifying for state and federal offices finalized by noon June 17th. Qualifying will clarify who is running for what office.

At this stage there is still a lot of movement.  For example, Rep Mike Grieco(D) had announced he was running against Senator Ileana Garcia(R). Today he announced he is withdrawing from the Senate race and not going to seek reelection for his House seat. I am looking forward to seeing it all settle out.

Please feel free to contact me at regarding any campaign related questions.

Alison Dudley
FRS Lobbyist

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