July 14, 2021

July 2021
Legislative Update

It is July 1st and the Governor received 94 bills on the last day of June. Of importance was the PIP bill (SB 74) which would have gotten rid of no fault auto insurance in the state of Florida. The Governor vetoed the bill over concerns it would raise driver’s rates. The med pay language was not included in the bill and this was a win for the House of Medicine.

The Physician Assistant’s bill (HB 431) was also signed on June 29th and it became law upon signature.  Current law allows one physician to supervise four PA’s and this number has now been increased to one physician to supervise ten PA’s. The provision in statute of the location of the supervising physician was left unchanged. The original bill was proposing autonomous practice.  This compromise was considered a win as well.

 I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming summer FRS conference.

 All of my best,

 Alison Dudley
Lobbyist, FRS

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