April 14, 2021

April 2021
Legislative Update

Legislative Update
Today is April 1st, and this is no joke, we are halfway through the Legislative Session.

The big news this week is that the House and Senate passed SB 72, the Covid Liability Protection bill that applies to businesses and health care providers.  The Governor signed the bill into law on Monday, March 29th. The bill took effect upon becoming a law and it applies retroactively as to the date the alleged injury occurred. It is not retroactive in regards to current cases that have already been filed. The statute of limitations for Covid claims is limited to one year after the damages occur or one year after the bill becomes law.

Being at the halfway point means that legislation that has not moved forward may not make it across the finish line.  However, nothing is dead until the Session ends. One of the bills we have been tracking, Autonomous Practices by Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, has not been heard in any of its Senate or House committees. So, it appears to be dead for this Session.

The Physician Assistants’ bills are moving in the House and the Senate. The bills have been amended on both sides and the language that gave them more autonomy was amended out. Still in the bill is language that gives supervising physicians the ability to determine how many PA’s he or she may supervise, removing the 4 to 1 ratio that is currently required. The bill also allows PA’s to prescribe certain psychiatric medicine under supervision.  These bills look likely to pass, but there is more of the Session to get through.

The Capitol remains closed to the public. The House is allowing the public to come to Committee and testify if they fill out the appropriate paperwork within the allotted time frame. There is a cap on how many are allowed into the Committee room.

To say it has been a challenging session would be an understatement.

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Thanks, and stay well.

Alison Dudley
Lobbyist, FRS

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