January 8, 2020

January 2020
Legislative Update

Legislative Update
On January 14th the Florida Legislature will convene for their annual 60 day Legislative Session. The continuation of legislation expanding physician extenders is anticipated to be pushed by the Florida House. The balanced billing issue is still being discussed on the national level and it remains to be seen if legislation will be filed at the state level for this Session.

The budget will be tighter this Session as revenue is flat. The Governor proposed big initiatives as he rolled out his presentation of his budget, including raises for teachers, which will be tough to accomplish with the tight revenue projections. It is an election year so members will want the session to end on time.

The upcoming session feels like a Hurricane waiting to make landfall. It either will be a Cat 4, or could miss us entirely due to it being an election year.

I hope all have had a wonderful Holiday season.

Alison Dudley, FRS Lobbyist

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