September 11, 2019

September 2019
Legislative Update

Legislative Update

As I write this Ebrief, Hurricane Dorian has finally moved off Grand Bahama Island and is moving parallel along the Florida coast. The east coast braces to see what damage Dorian leaves in its wake. The effect of Dorian will be seen during this next legislative session which starts in January. Praying for those in the Bahamas, especially the Abacos, the devastation is tough to comprehend.

While folks were making their Hurricane preparations, Speaker Oliva announced committee membership changes.

Chairman Ray Rodrigues’s Health and Human Services Committee saw no change. Chairman Colleen Burton’s Health Quality Committee saw Representatves – Cord Byrd (R), Scott Plakon (R), and Randy Fine (R) leave the committee. In their places, new House Representatives – Jason Shoaf (R) and Randy Maggard (R) were added along with Representative Amber Mariano (R). On the Health Market Reform Committee, Chaired by Representative “Dr.” Pigman (R) – ER doctor, Representative “Dr.” Massulo (R) dermatologist came off the committee and new a House Representative Alex Andrade(R) was put on the committee. In the Health Care Appropriations committee chaired by Representative MaryLynn Magar (R), three members came off the committee – Representatives Grall (R), Plasencia (R), and Toledo (R). In their places, Representatives Burton (R), Ana Maria Rodriguez (R), and Stevenson (R) were added.

Representative Stevenson (R) no longer Chairs the House Insurance Committee and was replaced by Representative Donalds (R).

The first House and Senate Committee week is scheduled to start the week of September 16th. The block calendars are available but the committee agendas are not available yet.

In political news, Representative Travis Cummings (R) announced he was not going to run for Senator Rob Bradley’s seat. Senator Bradley (R) is termed out in 2020. Senator Bradley’s wonderful wife Jennifer Bradley (R) has announced her bid to run for her husband’s Senate seat and has tremendous support. Sam Garrison (R) has announced his intention to run for Representative Travis Cummings’ seat, also termed out in 2029, and he has great support. His brother is a radiologist in Citrus County and trained at the Mayo Clinic. He also has tremendous support.

I hope this email finds all safe as we continue through this Hurricane season.

Alison Dudley, FRS Lobbyist

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