February 13, 2019

February 2019
Legislative Update

Legislative Update

The Legislative season is underway and February is full of back to back committee meetings starting February 4th. Session officially starts March 5th.

The Governor’s office will be presenting their proposed budget to the House and Senate this week of February 4th.

Medical marijuana and the opioid issue are still topics being hotly discussed.

The other issues I anticipate seeing during the upcoming session are:Telehealth/telemedicine with another attempt of allowing doctors licensed in other states to practice medicine in Florida as long as they register with Department of Health.

Health insurance savings program bill ( SB 524- Senator Manny Diaz) which allows patients to shop services (Radiology and imaging services and Telehealth listed) and the patient banks savings.

CON deregulation, Ambulatory Surgical Care Centers, and Physician extender bills also will be on the legislative agenda.

Balance billing is being discussed by the ER doctors who are having trouble with Humana. When the law went into effect, Humana changed the ER out of network reimburse rate to Medicare rate. Also they are now not renewing contracts so they can pay out of network rate.

Please let me know if this is happening in your practices as we move forward on working on this issue with the ER doctors and the FMA.

Proposed Legislation is coming out of bill drafting so I anticipate more challenges ahead especially in the House.

Thanks for your help and support.

Alison Dudley, FRS Lobbyist



Alison Dudley, FRS Lobbyist

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